SENERGY NETS Technical webinar

Flexibility solutions for local energy markets and DSOs

In this live session the SENERGY NETS partners will present the current state of the flexibility services which are tailored to the needs of DSOs. The demonstration site leaders will illustrate the challenges of their local energy markets which the SENERGY NETS solution are aimed to tackle.

ELEXIA project, which belongs to the same Horizon Programme topic, will partake in the session and share insights.



  • Analysis of the strategies of the market players on the day ahead and real time markets with game theory methodologies – Gianluigi Migliavacca, RSE
  • DSOs perspectives from Milan and Ljubljana demos:
    • Flexibility Market for the DSO: Challenges and Opportunities in Network Integration – Luigi Sandrini, Unareti & Alessandro Cirocco, A2A
    • Distribution network users offering their flexibility to the DSO – Ursula Krisper, Elektro Ljubliana
  • The SENERGY NETS flexibility solutions
    • Flexibility trading optimizer: Dynamic bidding of flexibilities on local and national markets – Christoph Eitenberger /  Christoph Gutschi, Cybergrid
    • Designing a local flexibility market awarding Distribuited Energy Resources capacity for congestion relieving – Alberto Vannoni, RSE
  • Discussion
  • Smart Energy Operating Systems: A hierarchical framework for efficient activation and coordination of flexibility at all levels – Henrik Madsen, DTU – ELEXIA project


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