Managing director
Aurélie Beauvais
Managing Director
Policy & European Affairs
Pauline Lucas
Policy Director
András Takács
Policy Advisor
Victoria Lienard
Policy Advisor
Carlos Emanuele
Policy Assistant
Diana El Malaki
Communication Officer
Lisa Paper
Communication Assistant
Arianna Scenna
Events & Membership Director
Denise Battaglino
Events & Marketing Officer
Marietta Sobrino Silva
Junior Events Officer
Market Intelligence
Eloi Piel
Market Intelligence Director
Crélida Mata
Market Intelligence Analyst
DHC+ Platform
Aksana Krasatsenka
Knowledge Transfer Director
Gabriele Pesce
Innovation & Sustainable Finance Director
Martin Stroleny
Innovation Manager
John Kapetanakis
Project Officer
Laura Junasová
Project Officer
Sara Comparetto
Engagement Officer - Youth & Cities
Chiara Cecchin
Project Officer
Evan Bernardi
Project Assistant
Administration, Finance & HR
Bilall Bahia
Administration, Finance & HR Director
Omar Fari
Administration, Finance and HR
Valentina Tonut
Senior Finance & Administration Officer
Ecaterina Morari
Administration, Finance & HR
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